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Thursday, May 10, 2018

The 10 Most Common Mixing Mistakes

Here are some of the most common mixing mistakes -

1 - Not editing or comping your tracks
Editing and comping your tracks make them for professional because they eliminate all unnecessary noise and comping takes the best line the singer sings to make a "perfect vocal"

2 - Not leaving enough head room
"This means leaving enough headroom on the masterfader and setting up your tracks so that they have the correct gain staging."

3 - Not listening to your compressor
Its important to know how the knobs interact with each other so if something sounds weird, than you can fix it and become a master at compression

4 - Just using presets 
You need to make it sound orginal! Using the presets is taking the easy way out!

5 - Drums blowing through the roof 
Drums should be treated like a supporting actor that does not interfere with the leading role but when it’s their time to shine they knock it out of the park

6 - Not using groups or busses 
Busses and groups make you more efficent and quicker because if you have a lot of tracks, it would take forever to add reverb to everything

7 - Incorrectly using sends or inserts
Even the most expirenced engineer 

8 -No Filtering when you use EQ
The lower frequincies will make your tracks sound bad but the EQ will help cut the lower frequencies to make your tracks shine

9 - Too much reverb
Too much reverb can drown out our mix and it wont sound as good. You only need a small about of reverb to make your mix shine

10 - Not checking in mono
If you check in mono, nothing will excape your ears and if something vanishes then thats a problem

10 Most Common Mixing Mistakes