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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Interview with Al Judd Number 2

CM - How many years of school did you attend to become employed in your career?

AJ - Zero! But I have a master's from "The school of hard knocks" haha 

CM - What colleges/programs would you recommend that you consider helpful?

AJ -That depends on which avenue someone wants to pursue. Do you want to work live/ touring, or in
the studio? I think most recording/ engineering programs will teach you fundamentals, but your real education happens in the real world. Vital skills that are not included in classroom are attitude, personal relations, effective communication, patience under pressure- specifically troubleshooting and working under tight deadlines.

CM - Why did you choose to pursue your career?
AJ - I didn't choose this life. It chose me.

CM -How difficult did you find beginning your career?

AJ - It's always challenging. Each day presents a new set of challenges to overcome.In the beginning, I was doing smaller gigs, which have smaller challenges. As the gigs get bigger, so do the challenges.
Example: right now I'm waiting to get into a venue to set up for a DJ at a private party for the NBA Allstars. We can't get in, because some VIPs are having a cocktail party that has gone over time. My challenge will be to get the system installed and working as quickly as possible when we do get access.

CM-What specific advice do you have for me as a potential professional peer?

AJ - Study the basics of audio engineering and sound. Learn how to use the gear you have access to.
Practice as much as you can. Get a DAW and experiment. 

CM -What would be the best way to get an internship?

AJ - Call studios. Be ready to clean, make coffee, place food orders, or do whatever they need you to do, within reason.

CM-Whats the biggest challenge you faced and how did you over come it?

AJ - I think the biggest challenge is learning to stay calm and focused under pressure, and being able to solve unexpected problems quickly. Always be thinking on the run!