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Saturday, July 15, 2017

5 Tips for Parallel Compression on the Whole Mix

5 Tips for Parallel Compression on the Whole Mix
1. HPF sidechain
It generally helps to have the compressor react to the kick appropriately to its perceived volume, which is significantly less than its actual amplitude.

2. Attack time Set the attack time so that it’s fast, but not so fast that you are completely dulling the transients of the compressed signal.

3. Release time
Time the release so that there’s still a bit of space/air in the parallel signal.

4. Experiment
Experiment with different compressors. Individual compressors will handle this process differently.
It’s important to experiment with different compressors to get a sense of what you like.

5. Turn it off
Don’t be afraid to turn it off.
Sometimes you get to the end of a mix and it’s perfect without compression. That’s OK — there’s no need to force a process if it doesn’t really need it.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

7 Great Music Apps For Mixing Music
Here is an article that shows you some good apps for people starting out w/ music production I will list them down below

1 - Edjing – DJ Music Mixer Studio – iOS, Android

2 - VirtualDJ Home – iOS

3- Music Maker Jam – Android, iOS

4- Studio.HD – iOS

5- Cross DJ Free-Mix Your Music – Android, iOS

6-  MixPad- Music Mixer Free – Android, iOS