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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

INTERVIEW: Phil Allen (5/15/17)

CATEMIX: How did you learn how to mix?

PHIL ALLEN: I actually didn't get good at mixing until way after like way late in my kind of career. When I first started all I was doing was the pre-production stuff. So like when we're in here building tracks making drum beats recording guitars editing stuff I got. That was probably 90 percent of what I did for my career in music. I didn't really get good at mixing until the last couple of years when I was doing working in a studio that we did predominantly mixing. But even then you think mixing is going to be the easiest part of it because like all the sounds were recorded by all I have to do is balance the levels. Yea it sounds great but it never does. Mixing is probably the hardest part and probably the most challenging part I think for a lot of people. So the only real way I learned was from watching people who did it really well because there are so many things you can read about mixing like oh I'll use this each cue on this vocal and do this frequency but that only works if one out of every 100 situations. The hard part about mixing is using your ears and knowing when to do things so kind of just sitting in a room with people who are professional mixers watching what they did and I wouldn't even like doing anything. I was literally just over the shoulder watching and occasionally get them coffee or whatever but watching like what they did and when they did it is how I got good.

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