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Friday, May 5, 2017

How to build an in-home recording studio

This article shows you how to make an in home recording studio. I will summarize how its done down below

1- You need a computer
- Chose one that has a good amount of memory and processing speed

2- You need to chose a good recording software
- For low-budget go with Garageband or Audacity

3- You need an audio interface
- Make sure your audio interface has 2 input and 2 output jacks. This will allow you to record in stereo

4- Buy an audio mixer
- The basic functions on an inexpensive mixer will usually be adequate for home recording needs. At the least, make sure each channel on your mixer includes adjustments for panning, volume, and 3-band equalization. Four channels will be more than adequate for home recording

5- Chose a good studio monitor
- When choosing studio monitors, make sure to look for "near-field" models. These are designed to be listened to from about a yard (1 m) away, and so eliminate any effects due to the acoustics of your room.>

6- Decide on a good microphone
If you only buy 1 mic, make sure to choose a dynamic mic. This type of construction is more robust and versatile, and is self-powered.


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