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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

7 Tips to Create Headroom and How It Will Save Your Mixes

 One of the most common problems that producers have is not leaving enough headroom in their mixes. The reason why its important to have headroom is so there is enough space for improvements. I will summarize the 7 best tips below

1- Focus on the dominant feature of your mix first
 - Decide which element of the mix you want featured

 2- Use Your Eyes AND Ears
 -Watch out for clipping!

3 - Think before you automate
 - Automating is a good way to help control the volume of the song. But be careful because you can use up your headroom too early!

4 - Louder Doesn’t Always Equal Better
   -Mixing at loud levels can misrepresent how your mix really sounds

5 - Work in 24 Bit
The noise floor is so low in 24-bit that you can give yourself a lot of room (15-20 dB) between your peaks and 0 dBFS without worrying about noise or loss of resolution.
6 - Always manage your transient-heavy elements in your mix. Dynamics are good, but apply some gentle, effective compression to keep them under control. It will help avoid hard limiting effects of the mastering process when mastering at HIGH intensity.

7 - Have headroom in mind when you start your mix and keep your tracks at safe levels. If you’re finding yourself trying to recover headroom at the end, fine tune your individual track levels rather than reaching for your master fader and pulling it down.

7 Tips to Create Headroom and How It Will Save Your Mixes

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