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Friday, April 7, 2017

History of audio engineering Part 2

 Here is part 2 of the history of audio engineering. I will summarize the rest below

1958 - Commercial stereo disk come on the scene

1962 - The standard for time code format is set by SMPET ( The Society of Motion Picture and Television)

1963 - Compact Diskette is introduced by the company Phillips

1965 - Dolby type A noise reduction is intoduced

1972 - The first recording on tape  by Denon

1978- Sony, Phillips and Hitachi creates the CD

1980 - Sony introduces the PCM-F1 starts the revloution in recording

1986 - The first digital consoles appear

1994 - The first affordable digital multi track console is the ProMix 01 by Yamaha

1999 - Manufactures agree on audio DVD standards

History of audio engineering Part 2

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