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Monday, April 3, 2017

History of Audio Engineering part 1

 I found an AWESOME article that teaches you all about the history of music and recording/production thoughts the years. I will describe them down below.

1857 - Leon Scott invents the phoneautographe which is a wax cylinder

1887 - The Flat Disk Gramophone was invented by Emile Berliner

1913 - Thomas Edison invents the kinetophone

1921 - The first commercial radio was first publicly broadcasted from KDKA in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

1925 - The first electronic recording with a microphone by the company Victor

1927 - Vitaphones sound on discs synchronized with the film "The Jazz Singer" goes viral

1929 - Harry Nyquist publishes "Nyquist Theorom" to DAP (digital audio procressing)

1941- Commercial broadcasting in the US begins

1948 - The AES (Audio Engineering Society) is formed

1955 - Ampex commercialized the first analog multi- track recorders used by Les Paul and the Beattles

History of audio engineering part 1

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