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Friday, April 7, 2017

Interview with Pete Papageorges (4/7/17)

Listen to my interview with Pete Papageorges CATEMIX: How did you get into mixing?

PETE: I was very interested in music growing up played in bands. I really wanted to do music professionally. But I decided I wanted to work behind the scenes instead of playing on stage. So I studied business in school and I started interning at record companies and studios and that turned into a full time position after college and I really wanted to be in a studio because I liked being close to the music. So I. Was hired by EMI which was Capitol Records and I ended up staying there for 17 years and most of the time I was there. I. Was the manager for the recording for post-production studios. So if you're familiar with studios. There's a live recording. And then there's post-production and so capital had both live and post-production studios. My responsibility was running all the post-production. So we did mastering editing.

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