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Monday, March 27, 2017

Tips For Recording in a Improvised Location

A lot of times artist come up with some song ideas and they want to record it before they forget. So this article teaches you how to o an improvised recording. I will summarize the steps below

Choose The Right Recording Devices - Make sure you have a digital multi-track recording device, the other is a laptop with a multi-channel interface.

The Setup - Some recording engineers like to connect the recording setup with a mixer with direct   outputs for each channel connected to inputs on the interface.

Choose The Right Effects - Some ways recording engineers like to do it is to connect the FX unit to send/aux output on the mixer and return the signal to a free channel on the mixer.

Check The Power Supply - Be prepared for trouble. Things will break down from time to time, power problems are not uncommon in old buildings, especially if you’re into abandoned place. Also, if you’re recording anything with microphones, be ready for many unexpected noises, and a lot of bleed. But first, make sure the power is ok, have an electrician check it out if you can or use a multimeter if you know what you’re doing.

Remove The Unwanted Noises - The mics will catch bleed from the monitors, but you can use absorber plates and screens to minimize that. Thicker panel absorbers (cca 12 cm) can reduce bleed significantly if you put them between the unwanted sound source and the microphone.

Tips For Recording In Improvised Locations Tips For Recording In Improvised Locations

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