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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Interview with Al Judd (3/5/17)

Listen to my interview with Al Judd.

CATEMIX: How did you get interested in mixing?

AL JUDD: I was playing drums in bands when I was in high school for junior high school. And as we started to play parties things like that. I started working the P.A. system mostly because it was the singers that would really struggle with the P.A. system so I was kind of getting involved in the technical aspect of it to help the other players of the band get their sound up because you know playing part is that you really only growing keyboards and vocals are the key to making of everything. So I was kind of getting involved involved in the technical aspect that way and it just kind of expanded from there. When I moved to L.A. to play music when I was 17 and a friend of mine had bought a P.A. and since I'd had a little bit of experience we started doing sound at some of the clubs some of different venues around town that didn't already have a piano like we had a couple of coffeehouses that we did shows and some warehouses and things like that. So instead of good that what can you do if you live in your country. I do it all again. Yeah I do it all. As I said I got started doing live sound. And then I had a friend that got a job at a post production facility so I got into doing television post-production. I started as a runner in the studio make the a coffee kind of stuff. Yeah. Yeah. And then from there I got the audio assistant job with the audio system. So I moved into that position and then from that I started mixing like I would do my audio system shift during the day and then at night I would mix commercials basically for free for for the friends of whoever was working in the studio. So that's kind of how I got started mixing was just by doing a bunch of commercials for free and we had MTV was one of our big clients and they had a couple of shows to Finnie had done so amazing those and those were my first real jobs.

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