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Saturday, February 4, 2017

How To Start a Pro Tools Session

In this article I learned how to start a new session in Pro Tools. This will come in handy when you first start to learn how to use Pro Tools as a beginner - I will summarize how to do it.  First you want to start a new session file to keep track of your recordings - like drums, vocals , guitars, ect. Most recording engineers like to create a new folder with song name then saving the session and some like to have one big long session called linear which all of the songs are laid out on the same session file. Next you will be asked to select a file format - for compatibailty from mac to windows (or vice versa) a .wav file is your best option. Some engineers like to add a masterfader - which controls the overall volume of the song. After that you add some audio/instumental tracks and you are ready to record!

How To Start a Pro Tools Session

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