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Sunday, February 5, 2017

3 Differences Between Live and Studio Mixing

There are some major differences between live mixing vs studio mixing - I have summarized the 3 below

1 - Different type of equipment

In a recording studio, they have a desk that have 2 types of faders on the same track that are called line in mixers.

2 - Digital studio desk

Due to the fact that technology has improved thought the years people have been using digital mixing desks or a computer instead of a old analog mixers. With a digital mixing desk you can save all of your settings and leave them exactly where you are in case if another engineer wants to use the computer after you. One mixing desk has all of the effects like - EQ, compression, auto tune, distortion and the other one only has a  control surface. that looks like a mixing desk, but it only controls the DAW (digital audio workstation) you're working in - like Pro Tools.

3 - Difference between time and creativity.

In the studio, you would be able to to get a band and edit them to make them sound good by using effects like reverb, delay, auto tune, EQ and mix it together and tweak it to make it sound more balanced and higher quality for the radio listeners.

 3 Differences Between Live and Studio Mixing

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